About Us

Once upon a time, a group of like-minded women (and one man who happened to be married to one of the women) banded together to help families more easily access the tools, care, and support needed for mental health and happiness. Parents, teachers, friends, and advocates, we’ve all seen and experienced how hard it is to find the right communities and secure the right resources, and out of that shared struggle and our collective desire to do something about it, The Connected Parent was born.

Meet our team.

Julie Walters


Violet McManus


Sophie Ferreira

Operations Manager

Keena Melville

Learning Designer

Kristin Cikowski

Project Coordinator

Bridgette Garcia

Project Coordinator

Julie Wisman

Project Coordinator

Leslie Ponzo

Ambassador & Connector

Teresa Henning

Project Coordinator

Audrey Gerkin

Project Coordinator

Matt McManus

Graphics & Web Designer